Pukekohe Rail Bridge Removal & Relocation.

Project Details.

Client: Etracs Ltd
Industry: Construction & Infrastructure
Project: Pukekohe Rail Bridge Removal & Relocation


Pollock Cranes was engaged to remove an existing walkway bridge over a live railway line.

Planning was completed over a three-month period to calculate the weight of the bridge and optimise the lifting sections, to minimise disruption to the rail corridor. Our Grove GMK6300L, 2No JLG660 boom lifts, 1No operational lift supervisor, 2No rigger/dogman and heavy lift rigging equipment was used.

A rigging plan was produced to ensure each lifting eye had equal load throughout the lift of the main span. Our team completed the full removal of the bridge by unbolting and cutting the bridge sections from its foundations.

From here our Heavy Haulage team was used to relocate the bridge sections to a laydown yard for storage. This job was completed over a public holiday period of 2No days.