Auckland Transport Walkway.

Project Details.

Client: Manson Engineering Ltd
Industry: Infrastructure
Project: Auckland Transport Walkway


Mason Engineering contracted Pollock Cranes to relocate newly manufactured walkway sections (33m long x 6m wide, ex-factory on Paramount Drive, Henderson, Auckland) to the slipway/ berthage, located at Selwood Road, Henderson, Auckland, where they would be loaded onto a barge.

Equipment dispatched was our Grove GMK6300L and Tractor unit with 2R8 load divider with T bar and 4R8 Jinker with T bar. The walkway had to be skidded out of the factory building and tandem with the GMK6300L crane.

Space was at a premium and careful lift planning gave Mason Engineering the confidence that the lifts would proceed without incident. Once the sections were far enough out of the building, the Grove GMK6300L lifted the entire bridge up and out of the building, and over the trees to the road where the transport unit was ready to receive the bridge. The bridge and cranes were relocated during the night to Selwood Road slipway/ berth and set up for the high tide lift onto an incoming barge. Four identical bridges were moved over a 12-month period.

“Pollock Cranes were great to deal with. They made a complex lift and delivery of the 33m long and 6m wide gangways seem very easy. I would not hesitate in recommending Pollock Cranes.”

– Josh Puckley